Monday, 26 August 2013

Fried anchovies mee hoon

After busy the whole morning with my moon cakes,  it is time for me to find food...just because i need to finish my works before my baby wake up I skipped my breakfast this morning.... that is not good for health actually especially those people whose on diet program.  But i have no choice either...huhu

I wanted to eat something simple and easy and it is not fattening  too(is it????...)hehehe.

Ok la... My baby taking his nap, im free  now to share with us what i've taken for my brunch. Just to let us know my cooking ingredients are  very simple and most basic. You just can reach them on your kitchen rack .  I dont used much of onions or herbs in my cooking. I am very sure most of us don't keep all kind of herbs in our kitchen cabinet  or maybe some doesn't know what kind of herbs even. Am i right??  So my cooking is base on my family taste. They don't like onion. They allergic to the onions smell.hahaha.... But i still have it sometimes and a must in my sambal. Ssshhhhh!!!!

Hopefully my recipes will suit and useful to us.
Jom ... Jom....Jommm...lets look at the recipe now.

Fried Mee Hoon Ikan Bilis/enchovies


150gm Mee Hoon(Vecimile rice noodle)
25gm green vegetables(i used cangkuk manis)
10gm fried ikan bilis
1/2 tsp chicken granules
2tbsp cooking oil
1 egg
*you can add in salt if you want it more salty but mine i dont because the fried ikan bilis is salty enough.
1 calamansi lime
1 tbsp sambal(will share with us on my  sambal recipe in the next2 entry.)


1) Soak the mee hoon in a lukewarm water till soft and toss it. Do not over soaked or else your fried mee hoon will broken into little tiny cuts when you fried it later.
2) wash the vegetable and into small pieces.
3) in the heated wok pour in cooking oil and fried the beaten egg about 3 second.
4) Put in the mee hoon. Continue stirring till you see the mee  hoon turns into clear strings means your mee hoon is almost done, add in chicken granuled and the vegetables. Mixed well until the vege turn into dark green.
5)And lastly, put in the fried ikan bilis. Mixed and then put it in the plate. u can have it with calamansi lime and some sambal if u like spicy food.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Blueberry butter cake

Butter cake is the only cake my late mom used to do when the kids go back to kampung for holidays. Every holidays my brothers and sisters will send thier older kids to spend holidays with my parent. They love to balik kampung.. They enjoy playing, fishing, swimming in the cold storny stream behind the house and no one stop them. Every year they just couldnt wait for year end holidays because they can stay longer there. Now all grown up, they seldom go back to kampung. its not fun for them anymore. Most of my nephews and nieces are now studies in colleges and secondary. My eldest son and 3 of his cousins are still in primary. So its now thier turn having fun when balik kampung.But since my mom not around we very seldom go back too. My last time went back was 2 years ago. We all miss her very much. Miss her foods. Miss the smell of the aroma from the fire woods cooking place.They woke up at 5am to go to church every morning. When they back home she will straight away start the fire and cook nasi bungkus(this our Lun Bawang and kelabits food)that are for our breakfast and lunch. Everybody  are still under thier blanket...when we wakeup everything done just makan only.. Miss her much!
My fathers was alone since mom passed away 6 years ago. He will come over to pay us a visit once in a while..huh! what a sad story. ok we stop here. lets talk about mom butter cake now.   I have no idea how she cooked it..baked or steam. What i know they have no oven, kampung no power supply ok...haha. My niece told me she just need sugar,planta, eggs and flour. She dont even weight the ingredients but the cakes was awesome...she when back home tried to make one at home but she failed. Me too never bother to asked her for recipe because at that time im not very interested in baking and thats it!

Bah....jom jom jommm...layan recipe dulu.

oh! i almost forgot! this cake really made me headached. Two days ago when i baked it used my friend's recipe, it failed. Second time i tried to used Bee(u can get her recipe by clicking this) recipe and disappoint me too, it failed again...OMG!!! i keep on wondering what was wrong. I even post a question on Bee's blog asking her what is going wrong.
This morning when i prepared my snow skin dough for tomorrow use, i asked my maid to get me the container which contained the fried glutinous rice flour....guess what????hahahaha........ it was the flour that i used for my 2 butter cakes!!! What a waste!!! But not our dogs. They enjoy thier glutinous rice flour butter cakes... Now conclusion is there are nothing wrong with the recipes but me myself. Very sorry to both of you Josephine and Bee.

Today i try to used back my Josephine recipe..yes! its turn out great. Huh! what a relieved!.
Now lets check the recipe.


adapted from:Josephine Padan

by: MonicaTadam


250 gm butter
200 gm sugar(i put 130gm)
5 eggs
210 gm Hong Kong flour
( i used 250gm cake flour)
1/2 tsp baking powder
1 tsp of vanilla essence
....i add in
3 tbsp fresh milk
some blueberry paste


1) Place butter, vanilla and sugar in a mixing bowl. Cream till light and fluffy.
2) Add in eggs one at a time and mix evenly.
3) Cream the batter till smooth and light.
4) Lastly fold in the flour and mix till well blended.
5) Pour the batter in a cake mould of any shape.
6) Bake at 180 degrees for about 50 minutes.

*before baking i pour top of the batter with some blueberry paste. The paste will flow down through the batter during the baking process.

You can see the bottom, pictures of the three different cakes...hahaha

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Havently Carrot Cake

hello...selamat bertemu kembali di dalam blog yang teramat lah simple ini.....
Hari tu ada juga rasa nak posting tapi dah pusing sana sini lupa lah pulak, pas tu cuti skolah....ini memang grenti dah tak dapat buat apa-apa..biasa lah dah bergelar 'mommy' katakan...hehehe
Hari ini dah masuk hari ke 4 abang sekolah rumah pun agak aman dan damai boleh lah si adik tidur lena. aku pula curi-curi ke dapur sementara si adik tu tidur.... kalau tak dia lagi lah yang berlebih-lebih nak 'tolong' kita....

Dua hari lepas rasa nak makan butter cake pas tu nak buat, ada pula bahan yang tak ada...dah beli bahan tapi hari ini tukar selera nak makan carrot cake...kata nak slim tapi mulut tu asyik nak makan je..aduhaiiiii...

carrot kek dulu pernah sekali buat. masa tu lagi single tau ada 10 tahun kot ..hahaha.resepi pun ambil dari majalah Nona  (kalau tak silap) enak juga rasa masa tu..huhu

kali ini saya nak cuba resepi abg mat lak. Adalah sedikit gubahan dilakukan bukan sebab nak memandai mandai tapi di sebabkan tak ada bahan la tu...hehehe. Bolehkan bang... kan...kan.....kan..? (dah buat baru nak tanya).....hahaha.
Kejadiannya amatlah memuaskan, kemanisannya sangatlah cun, aromanya yang unik terasa gula melakanya dan yang pastinya akan diperbuatkan lagi dengan topping sekali....yang ni topping tak buat gara-gara tak sabar tunggu sejuk disalut topping...kahkahkahhh Kalau ada sesiapa yang nak resepi carrot kek tu boleh lah cuba yang ni memang tak nyesal punya....

Jangan tengok muka dia yang merekah-rekah tu...part itu lah yang paling sedap. Cripy lagi tu....Enak tau dimakan panas panas dengan hot tea or coffee....huhu. ok lah....jom jom jom! kita layan resepi dulu.....

Havently Carrot Cake

resepi asal: Mat Gebu
oleh: Monicatadam


1 cawan tepung gandum*
1 camca teh baking powder*
1/2 camca teh soda bicarbonate*
1/2 camca teh garam halus*
1 1/4 camca teh serbuk kulit kayu manis*(1/2 camca teh)
*disatukan dan diayak

2 biji telur gred "A"
3/4 cawan minyak jagung
3/4 cawan gula perang(aku pakai gula melaka sukatan sama)
1 1/4 cawan parutan lobak merah, perah sedikit airnya(aku buat 2 cwn)
1/2 cawan nenas dalam tin, toskan dan cincang kasar(aku tak simpan)
1/2 cawan kelapa kering( aku buat 1  cwn)
1/2 cawan kacang walnut, cincang


100 g mentega
125 g cream cheese
1 camca teh esen vanilla
1 1/2 camca besar gula aising, diayak

Panaskan oven pada suhu 180C, lenser tin berukuran 7 inci x 7 inci x 3 inci dengan sedikit minyak, alas dasar tin dengan kertas minyak. Ketepikan.
Dalam satu bekas, masukkan telur, minyak jagung dan gula, kacau dengan whisk hingga rata, sebati dan gula hancur (kurang lebih 5 minit).
Masukkan bahan2 diayak tadi dan gaul perlahan hingga sebati.Masukkan nenas, lobak merah parut, kelapa kering dan walnut tadi.
Gaul rata menggunakan spatula hingga mesra.
Tuang dalam tin dan bakar selama 50 minit - 1 jam atau hingga masak.Sejukkan kek atas jaringan sebelum disapu dengan cream cheese tadi.
Simpan kek dalam peti sejuk jika tidah habis dimakan...

Putar cream cheese dan mentega hingga sebati, masukkan gula aising dan esen vanilla, terus memutar hingga gebu dan halus.
Gunakan kelajuan sederhana...Boleh sapu atas kek tadi dan hias ikut suka.

Selamat mencuba......

Friday, 9 August 2013

Welcome to my blog...

Hello welcome to my blog and thanks for your time to go through it.Since this blog was created about half year ago it is never been update. I dont know what to do with it and have no idea what share...But today i feel like writing maybe because of the rainy day gives me more idea, thanks to the weather too....hahahaha

ok..ok... i am not a writer nor an author as well, i might be using  wrong words or sentences any how. i have a thinking that maybe it is fun to have a blog where i can write and sharing ideas with others. For us to know i am a new blogger, so if there is any funny or wiered looks on my blog please just give it a big sweet smile and you are most welcome to correct me too....hehehe

In my blog i will using tri-languages Bahasa Malaysia, English and my own mother tounge Lun Bawang...might share everything and anything that is 'maybe' useful to some of us(with smiling face).. Most of it will be  baking and cooking even though im not a chef nor a pro either but i still want to share because thats the things i have  more intrest in.
Hhhhmmmm...what else ya???...I think that its for now, and remember to come back again for next post..huhuhu

Thank you for stopping by, see u again soon! (sentence borrowed  from mickey mouse)..hahahaha

loves Monica.