Friday, 9 August 2013

Welcome to my blog...

Hello welcome to my blog and thanks for your time to go through it.Since this blog was created about half year ago it is never been update. I dont know what to do with it and have no idea what share...But today i feel like writing maybe because of the rainy day gives me more idea, thanks to the weather too....hahahaha

ok..ok... i am not a writer nor an author as well, i might be using  wrong words or sentences any how. i have a thinking that maybe it is fun to have a blog where i can write and sharing ideas with others. For us to know i am a new blogger, so if there is any funny or wiered looks on my blog please just give it a big sweet smile and you are most welcome to correct me too....hehehe

In my blog i will using tri-languages Bahasa Malaysia, English and my own mother tounge Lun Bawang...might share everything and anything that is 'maybe' useful to some of us(with smiling face).. Most of it will be  baking and cooking even though im not a chef nor a pro either but i still want to share because thats the things i have  more intrest in.
Hhhhmmmm...what else ya???...I think that its for now, and remember to come back again for next post..huhuhu

Thank you for stopping by, see u again soon! (sentence borrowed  from mickey mouse)..hahahaha

loves Monica.

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