Monday, 26 August 2013

Fried anchovies mee hoon

After busy the whole morning with my moon cakes,  it is time for me to find food...just because i need to finish my works before my baby wake up I skipped my breakfast this morning.... that is not good for health actually especially those people whose on diet program.  But i have no choice either...huhu

I wanted to eat something simple and easy and it is not fattening  too(is it????...)hehehe.

Ok la... My baby taking his nap, im free  now to share with us what i've taken for my brunch. Just to let us know my cooking ingredients are  very simple and most basic. You just can reach them on your kitchen rack .  I dont used much of onions or herbs in my cooking. I am very sure most of us don't keep all kind of herbs in our kitchen cabinet  or maybe some doesn't know what kind of herbs even. Am i right??  So my cooking is base on my family taste. They don't like onion. They allergic to the onions smell.hahaha.... But i still have it sometimes and a must in my sambal. Ssshhhhh!!!!

Hopefully my recipes will suit and useful to us.
Jom ... Jom....Jommm...lets look at the recipe now.

Fried Mee Hoon Ikan Bilis/enchovies


150gm Mee Hoon(Vecimile rice noodle)
25gm green vegetables(i used cangkuk manis)
10gm fried ikan bilis
1/2 tsp chicken granules
2tbsp cooking oil
1 egg
*you can add in salt if you want it more salty but mine i dont because the fried ikan bilis is salty enough.
1 calamansi lime
1 tbsp sambal(will share with us on my  sambal recipe in the next2 entry.)


1) Soak the mee hoon in a lukewarm water till soft and toss it. Do not over soaked or else your fried mee hoon will broken into little tiny cuts when you fried it later.
2) wash the vegetable and into small pieces.
3) in the heated wok pour in cooking oil and fried the beaten egg about 3 second.
4) Put in the mee hoon. Continue stirring till you see the mee  hoon turns into clear strings means your mee hoon is almost done, add in chicken granuled and the vegetables. Mixed well until the vege turn into dark green.
5)And lastly, put in the fried ikan bilis. Mixed and then put it in the plate. u can have it with calamansi lime and some sambal if u like spicy food.

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